Just recently, I stumbled upon this duo on TikTok – Pete & Bas – whose hip-hop and beats really caught my attention. They operate within the UK Drill genre. I got so hooked on them that I felt a remix could be great.

Pete & Bas, a British rap duo in the UK Drill and hip-hop scene, have captured attention with their unique style and skilled rhymes. Despite being seniors, far beyond the traditional age range for rappers, they’ve gained a growing following since their 2018 debut with the single ”Shut Ya Mouth”. Their music mixes hard UK drill production with lyrics about life’s challenges and humorous observations of British society, marked by authenticity and unexpected street credibility. They leverage their age and experience as an advantage, making them an unexpected force in the genre.

In their track ”Mr Worldwide,” they showcase their characteristic humor and skill, with self-deprecating and boastful lyrics that challenge expectations of what rappers should be. Pete & Bas stand out for their surprisingly sharp flow and frequent use of British slang, reinforcing their position as distinct and respected figures within UK drill and hip-hop.

The original tiktok video where I found it:

av Tornevall

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