PrestaShop 1.7.7.x and its unability to have complete configuration file

Stored by emergency below, as it seems that documentation widely spread over the world can’t have a complete, working, config file for prestashop in nginx. Here’s one, that worked perfectly without any weird issues with 404-errors, etc.

Don’t forget to check your hostname and/or eventually SSL configuration for port 443.


Attack of Retro Music – The Preparation-Compilation, accompanied by VR-Max

In the upcoming ”Retro Mix”, I found a remix for Technotronic’s ”Get Up”, that I wanted to include in the final edition. However, I had to ”adjust” the version a bit. The prior uploaded video however, did not show the final result. This is the final edit of that part.

Gear used: Rekordbox / Pioneer DDJ-400.