This page contains a playlist of own creations from the names TMM, DJ TT and Tornevall.

Tornevall Reborn

Switching over to DJ-playing in the late 2021 (december) also meant new learning. Around march 2022 there was a DJ upgrade since the initial equipment wasn’t really enough for what I had in mind. After a bunch of mixes and mashups (around september/october 2022) I also realized that keeping mixing and mashing other music than my own would be music that remain unpublished and mostly it is only private releases on MixCloud (to make sure copyright owners gets something out of it).

Realizing this also meant that a milestone was created. To make sure that something would be published at all, and eventually also mixed into other music, I had to start over in the ”Legacy” area. Meaning, create new music. With new knowledge and a subscription with Reason Studio 12, the time has come. This space collects all new creations, starting at december 2022.

Singles / Albums

This little section simply contains everything that may or may not land on Spotify one day.

Deep State (December 2022)

Remixed / Resampled

This little section contains own releases, but with samples from others. This music will probably never be monetized due to this, even if the samples are quite small. They are mostly made for fun.


This is the ”Legacy” content section. Most of the published music here is based on a different approach than the content in the ”Rebirth” section. Music was initally in the late 80’s and 90’s created with FastTracker 2 (module editor), later on CakeWalk and further on a very old release of Reason. It has a very specific style and most of it has been created freely out of the box without honoring any EDM-rules.


”Phsicko” Collection

The FastTracker 2.x-collection that later got its name ”Psicko”. The primary purpose of ”Psicko” was to present a comedic side of the life during the 1990s.

Frankly Hating (Bad Reputation Saga – Haters Collection 2001)

Read more: Frankly Hating – The Art of Discreet hating.

Through Your Neck

This tune was actually created as a response to a rivalry in young ages.

Soundcloud link.

MINT (The MINT Experiment)

The MINT Experiment has both storage space here and a homepage located at themintexperiment.se. The separate homepage works as an entry point for external visitors as of today.


This playlist is a dedication to ”own creations” through life. It’s complex though, since almost none of the releases are following any kind of EDM rule and therefore is quite difficult to handle overall.

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