Om Thomas Tornevall

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This is the face of an aesthetically inspired DevOps/DJ. The meaning of this is in short that this person lives most of his life through music, tug of war, networking and software development.

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För att hitta musiken kan du titta här för en samlingssida.

Details about Thomas

Born in Sweden, october 1977, Thomas had the opportunity to get inspired by the 1990’s techno, rave, dance music and most definetly the wide mix of house. This has quite an influence of the music produced and one huge inspirer is Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Siwell, Vlada Asanin, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Organ Donors, etc.

Thomas also has a strong fondness of Jungle, Drum & Bass and very much other EDM genres – further favourites here is Andy C, Sub Focus, Mob Tactics, etc – and all the liquid/melodic variants. The big interest in mixing genres sometimes generates quite interesting results. There is no forbidden genre so to say.

Thomas has a relationship with Jessica Granqvist for which also runs Klippans Dragkampsklubb (Tug of War).

Tug Of War

During 2023, Thomas and Jessica initiated ”Klippans Dragkampsklubb” in Klippan. Thomas did however not start as a ”tug of warrior”, but a photographer (since this has been an older interest of his). During 2023, he – together with Jessica – documented almost all competitions in Sweden, including the Swedish Championship (unfortunately the world championship).


When in DevOps, Thomas is a developer that collects networks and routing tables. The major development language is – and has been – as of 2006, PHP. This is a very secondary interest of today, as the music and sports takes a lot of time.


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