Music Equipment Evolving

This page contains information about the music equipment that has been used over the years.

December 2021 – Numark Party Mix II

The first trainee controller. I could barely stand it for three months. Don’t get me wrong though, it was perfect as a first step DJ controller. I really liked it, and I started up with Virtual DJ. However, since there was only four cue buttons available, I had to upgrade.

March 2022 – Pioneer DJ DDJ-400

This was the second first trainee controller. A lot of mixes has been made on this one. And I still have it and using it from time to time. However, after I’ve seen some beloved features on DDJ-1000 and DDJ-800, I realized I was missing a lot of features that was instantly available on the more expensive boards. So I decided to get myself a DDJ-1000. Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) it was sold out entirely in Sweden. So the only thing to do was to choose between the replacement controller FLX-10 or the DDJ-800 alternative FLX-6.

August 2023 – Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10

The current controller. Still in process! Love it!