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Morse (2007)

This is ”Morse”, a rhytmic slower Drum & Bass-track, from 2007.

The art of discreet hating

There’s been several creations involving some kind of hate (or at least rivalry). Some of them more discreet than others. For a while ago (2001), there was a few releases made under the name ”Bad reputation” but since the time has passed since then, I chose to publish some of those ”songs” under the album name ”Bad Reputation Saga – Haters Collection” instead.

The first four tracks has a deep, dark, history. Instead of revealing everything, the titles has been fixed and changed to ”Frankly Hating”. As you can probably hear, the fourth and ”last” track (for that era) is not as brutal as the first three. At some point, I think I’ve got over the problem.

The years that followed, there was however new ”threats” (around 1999-2001). But this time, the titles was masked better. Fun fact is, the following releases after that – Through Your Neck, with the Spotify-released ”Whiplash” is some kind of continued development of this music.

The final tracks

The final tracks showing up on ”Bad Reputation Saga” follows below.


Two of the above tracks has been uploaded to SoundCloud as a historical collection only.

Have you heard ”Phsicko (Psicko)”?

Well, good for you!

This is a historical demonstration of how you should avoid using FastTracker (the module maker). From a period that starts 1997, a few edits of Psicko finds the light. Trying to make a soundtrack for what corresponds to the psyche of a young teenager (that’s at least what he believed), ”Psicko” was the answer. Or not. Well, here it is. Videos follows further down in this post.

The video created during the same years as the make, but broke due to memory problems at the computer. Edit with something call DP or similar.

A rare edit of the ”Psicko Remix”, that was uploaded as the only copy at an old Youtube-account, a few years after the first release. It was found and downloaded before the account was closed.

Inglés con James – Coconut (Tornevall Tiktok Remix)

Inspired by Ingles con James tiktok English practicing video about a coconut, and several other artists that create similar remixes out of other videos as a duets. This was the result of a first practice session with Reason Studio 12.

Link to origin source below!