To make a long story short – between 2021-2022, I was looking for material that wasn’t directly linked to EDM and House music, but that could potentially be incorporated into the genre with different beats. At that time, I was suggested to look at ”Owner of a Lonely Heart”, and I made a ”mashup”. This track is alsoo among the first I tried mixing back then. Now, I felt it was time again, but this time I let go of the DJ mixer and took matters into my own hands. Sometimes it’s better to do the job yourself. It’s probably thanks to Mats that this remix exists at all.

Today, I realize it probably wasn’t up to par, so I took matters into my own hands and ”adjusted” it.

The software used is Reason 12.


Due to sample restrictions, this tune can’t be found either at SoundCloud or Facebook. But here’s a 320k mp3.


The original ”mixtrack”

av Tornevall

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