The first version of ”Witness” were made 2017, but was never released back then, due to complications with samples on several levels, for which we weren’t quite satisfied with.

2022 however, the original tune was released on SoundCloud (see bottom of the page) – despite the complicated situation. A day ago, I tried to restored the project as it was made in an older version of Reason. During that moment, learning Reason 12, I realized that a lot of other samples never came into its own in the original. This led me to a moment where many of the samples finally got refurbished – and a new remixed oringal version has now released as ”Witness 2024”.

The tune is inspirede by The Boondock Saints.

Witness 2024

Original version

av Tornevall

Fotograf, musiker, filmare. Estetikens alla nyanser i ett, kombinerat med humor och ett förflutet inom vård- nöjes- och programmeringsbranscher.