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There’s a lots of information of how to use pv together with ”dialog” as a progress indicator for a lots of different projects. For example, even pv shows an example on how to show a progress bar for taring and … Läs mer

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Netflix and the blocking of tunneled ipv6-routes

Today I discovered that Netflix started blocking tunneled ipv6-routes. This means, in SiXXS case (which I primarily use to reach ipv6 routes), that I’m for now blocked from using Netflix this way. This also means that I have a few … Läs mer

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Big Brother 2011 – BBVote – Update

BBVote 2011 – Kanske även i år! http://bbvote.se, Sweden, 2011 Det är inte mitt fel! Jag rycktes bara med. Can you feel the obsession? Ja, så var det! Inspirationen tvingade mig. Och alla osynliga röster! Röster som Paktvakten borde haft … Läs mer

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Säkerhet i javascript

IMVU – En stor 3D-community som antagligen – förhoppningsvis – har haft sin boom för längesen. Den drar, precis som alla andra sidor i sin kategori, till sig en massa skumma människor och är i princip en fantasi-köttmarknad, där man … Läs mer

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Lösenordsfria SSH-sessioner

Att minnas… ====== SSH-Certifikat och lösenordsfria sessioner ====== För att skapa en SSH-länk där inget lösenord för inloggningen krävs (i synnerhet för att smidig-göra backuper mellan två linux-system) kan man skapa ett certifikat som gör det möjligt att överföra data … Läs mer

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GNU Kalops v1.0.0

Pure Open Source! Kod: require_once(’cook_engine.php’); define(’KÖTT’, ’1 KG’); define(’KÖTT_TYPE’, ’GRYTBITAR’); define(’LÖK’, 2); define(’MOROT’, 2); define(’SMÖR’, ’2 MSK’); define(’SMÖR_TYPE’, ’MARGARIN’); define(’SALT’, ’1 TSK’); define(’VITPEPPAR’, ’1 KRM’); define(’VETEMJÖL’, ’3 MSK’); define(’VATTEN’, ’5 DL’); define(’KRYDDPEPPARKORN’, 10); define(’LAGERBLAD’, 2); define(’STORLEK’, ’6 PRT’); define(’KNIV’, true); … Läs mer

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Bitmasking for C#

Referring to the scripts that handles the bitmasking for the dnsbl.tornevall.org-scripts, this is how to make the same routine in C-Sharp. Based on the Hashtable-namespace to get it as similar as possible. Kod: public Hashtable BitMask(int MaskVal, params int[] bitcheck) … Läs mer

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”How do I sort a HashTable?”

I consider hashtables in C# as a similarity to a normal array in PHP. But it’s not! Hashtables is great to use when it comes to ”temporary storage” of variables, but they are useless if you need to sort the … Läs mer

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Discovered CSRF with AJAX, phpBB and Private Messaging…

A few months ago I was asked a question, if it was possible to forge private messages on a webforum. I said yes of course, and explained – to the mortals – how it theoretically could be done with AJAX … Läs mer

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XSS at IMVU – Still unprotected

In the end of march 2007, the IMVU-team announced a flaw in their system that made it possible hijack other users accounts by simple XSS injections. Of course, the people behind those attacks were stupidly exposed since the hijackers were … Läs mer

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