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Attack of Retro Music – The Preparation-Compilation, accompanied by VR-Max

In the upcoming ”Retro Mix”, I found a remix for Technotronic’s ”Get Up”, that I wanted to include in the final edition. However, I had to ”adjust” the version a bit. The prior uploaded video however, did not show the final result. This is the final edit of that part.

Gear used: Rekordbox / Pioneer DDJ-400.

Ukraine Forever Mix

”Ukraine4Ever Mix” was made as a Tribute to Ukraine, due to the ongoing war with Vladimir Putin (not Russia – Putin). The idea was to mix only Ukranian music and artists. There is only one transition track that is not based on Ukranian artists (number 3).

Genre: Drum & Bass influenced.

For full track list, see below.

  1. Ukrainian National Anthem
  2. Derrick & Tonika – Shaman Is Back
  3. Dirtyphonics – Anonymous
  4. Go_A – SHUM
  5. NAVKA – Фея (Redco Remix) – Anonymous Continued
  6. Ruslana – Wild Dances
  7. Derrick & Tonika – Magic Bless
  8. Boombox – Та4то (DJ Tapolsky & Redco)
  9. Derrick & Tonika – Babylon Escape
  10. MaxNRG – Arkan
  11. MaxNRG – Now Hear This
  12. MaxNRG – Hide Away My Heart
  13. MaxNRG – Metro 2033 VIP
  14. Go_A – Solovey
  15. Redco – Ion
  16. Derrick & Tonika – Wild Face
  17. Alina Pash – Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Gear used: Virtual DJ / Numark Party Mix II