Less great beatsync-remixes

Beatsyncing is a different way to ”remix” music that is not initially digitalized and therefore not properly synchronized. Normally this refers to acoustically made music.

This is an idea that I got through social medias (facebook and tiktok initially) and they are not publically uploaded anywhere but here, since they are not ”good enough” to be such publications. You’ll understand this, if you listen to the ”Pippi Långstrump”-edit that was made quite sloppy within an hour.

Car barz feat Maddy V & Lady MC Xmas 2019 (Remix)

Added an extra beat as an experiment on this tune from MC Bellyman’s Youtube channel, featuring Maddy V and Lady MC in a Carbarz Xmas Special 2019. This is a re-edit from the first version (in the bottom of this post).

Original video

The first try had some misses in the beatsync…