Netflix and the blocking of tunneled ipv6-routes

Netflix and the blocking of tunneled ipv6-routes

Today I discovered that Netflix started blocking tunneled ipv6-routes. This means, in SiXXS case (which I primarily use to reach ipv6 routes), that I’m for now blocked from using Netflix this way. This also means that I have a few options, to make Netflix work again, even if I run with ipv6 simultaneously:

  • Edit the hosts-file. Make a look up on, to pick up all addresses based on ipv4. Problem: Any changes that Netflix makes, will never reach me. Besides, the streaming servers are probably named differently than only ””.
  • Disable ipv6 while watching netflix. Problem: All connectivity with ipv6 is lost while watching Transformers.

So, the real problem here is that Netflix resolves both on ipv4 and ipv6, so I need to find a DNS server that only gives me ipv4-responses, so I don’t have to guard DNS updates myself. What I did to solve this problem was, since I host my own DNS-services, therefore to set up a secondary DNS server that explicitly returns ipv4-addresses when making lookups on a ipv4-network – without the list of ipv6-addresses, like this:


In the primary master server, I’ll put up a forward zone like this:

zone "" IN {
        type forward;
        forwarders {

And suddenly Netflix becomes available again, on a ipv4-only network…

8 reaktioner till “Netflix and the blocking of tunneled ipv6-routes

  1. I’m getting the following on my primary DNS server:

    Mar 17 15:11:38 serve named[9193]: DNS format error from resolving for client Name . (NS) not subdomain of zone — invalid response
    Mar 17 15:11:38 serve named[9193]: error (FORMERR) resolving ’’:

    I have no idea what it means, and searching the internet didn’t help.

    1. Hmm, I don’t thing that should not happen in a forwarder 🙂

      I mean, the only thing the primary DNS *should* do, is actually to forward all requests to a second DNS that is filtering all AAAA-responses. The zones itself is not even there so there’s nothing to edit. It makes me a bit curious on how the config set looks.


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