Arkiv 20 november, 2022

Inglés con James – Coconut (Tornevall Tiktok Remix)

Inspired by Ingles con James tiktok English practicing video about a coconut, and several other artists that create similar remixes out of other videos as a duets. This was the result of a first practice session with Reason Studio 12.

Link to origin source below!




Where U Iz (Short Track Remix)

I’ve been off from editing music for a long while now, but finally I’ve reached a point where it was time to take care of this again. Especially after I saw an ad for which Reason Studios was promoting a chord sequencer, which I realized would be very helpful.

To learn more about that sequencer, I also had to take care of what I’ve been waiting with for several years – practice. In a new version of Reason Studio, which I’ve been most comfortable with in an early stage of the ”music career”.

This is the first try, making a full track of something, again.

The Reason Studio 12 Practice Round

Collections: The MINT Experiment

MINT (AKA ”The MINT Experiment”) has existed for a while mostly anonymously known for ”Emily’s song”, 2009. Those two songs Emily’s Song was the only ones really released – and for some times also played on, before a “split up” in the end of 2017.

There’s still material ”out there” but incomplete and unpublished.

The project has its own homepage here.

”MINT” is an abbreviation of ”Music by Ingela & Tornevall”.

The MINT Experiment on Spotify

Officially, there’s only two publicly released songs – and they are currently located at Spotify. The naming has been disputed; on one hand, we chose to go with ”Bejeweled” (to actually make sure that the name was properly remembered – that however may have failed). At the publishing time a few years later it was said to be a dedication to our first born child, for which we changed it to ”Emily’s Song”.

Unpublished Material


One unpublished MINT experiment tune from the past. It got an experimental title – Uäk – but later changed to a more proper name – DNA.

The Last Planned Release – Witness (2017)

This is the last track that was prepared for release, after some last ”checks”. However, something came up and it never reached the public.


The last tracks as of today is currently released on Soundcloud. Theer may be more upcoming in the future, but in the form of remixes of unreleased tracks.