Well, good for you!

This is a historical demonstration of how you should avoid using FastTracker (the module maker). From a period that starts 1997, a few edits of Psicko finds the light. Trying to make a soundtrack for what corresponds to the psyche of a young teenager (that’s at least what he believed), ”Psicko” was the answer. Or not. Well, here it is. Videos follows further down in this post.

The video created during the same years as the make, but broke due to memory problems at the computer. Edit with something call DP or similar.

A rare edit of the ”Psicko Remix”, that was uploaded as the only copy at an old Youtube-account, a few years after the first release. It was found and downloaded before the account was closed.

av Tornevall

Fotograf, musiker, filmare. Estetikens alla nyanser i ett, kombinerat med humor och ett förflutet inom vård- nöjes- och programmeringsbranscher.